We are Jackie, Emily, and Caitlin--some friends who decided to start a podcast to openly discuss issues that are sometimes seen as a taboo in order to create a more understanding and empathetic world.

We are a body positive podcast. What exactly is the F-word?  This is open to your interpretation. One of the F-words we often talk about is 'Fat.' We hope to tackle the negative connotations that society has created and instead promote self love and acceptance for all. Another F-word we are passionate about and incorporate in our podcast is 'Feminism.' We believe people of all shapes and sizes deserve to have the same respect and opportunities. To us, this fits directly in with feminism.

We believe that through the stories of others we can grow, learn to empathize, and understand one another better. We believe that everyone is beautiful just the way they are. Our mission is to empower others and encourage everyone to love and embrace themselves and the people around them. We hope to share stories from people of every size and background in order to create more connection and compassion.


The F-Word Team